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Issued:June 6, 1999


Amended By Committee:August 27, 2001





The mission of Boy Scout Troop 1185 is to help each Scout attain the rank of Eagle Scout.In addition, to help in the development of up standing young men through the Scouting Program as outlined by the National and Local Councils of the Boy Scouts of America.Boy Scout Troop 1185 is oriented in a youth first fashion, and all of the programs and activities are designed for the direct benefit of the youth members of our Troop.All parents and adult leaders are expected to support this program for the benefit of the young men who participate.Without that support, this program cannot deliver itís desired goals.









1.†††††† Boy Scouts.


††††††††† Any boy between the ages of 11 and 17 is eligible to become a member of Boy Scout Troop 1185.He must be

††††††††† interested enough to attend weekly meetings, campout, service projects, activities and Honor Courts.Any young

††††††††† person eligible to join Boy Scouting may do so by attending a Troop Meeting with a parent and contacting the

††††††††† Scoutmaster.At which time, the parent will register the Scout and sign for and receive a copy of the Troop

††††††††† By-Laws.†† The Scout at that time will be assigned to a Den (At the direction of the Scoutmaster or his designated

††††††††† representative), and along with his parents will be introduced to the Troop Leadership.A boy may attend one

††††††††† Troop meeting as an observer before he is registered.


2.†††††† Adults.


††††††††† All adults, and most particularly the parents of the Boy Scouts are urged to become registered Leaders or

††††††††† Committee Members.Being a registered member entitles the adult to help plan and vote on activities and

††††††††† programs which will help in the development of character, personal achievement and meeting the needs of

††††††††† our Scouts.The requirement for adult membership in Troop 1185 is that an adult be at least 18 years of age

††††††††† and willing to dedicate time to the Troop.All adult Leaders must own and maintain a complete and proper

††††††††† Boy Scout Adult Uniform.


3.†††††† Parents.


††††††††† All Scout parents will be called upon periodically to assistthe Troop in itís efforts for their boys.This includes

††††††††† helping in Eagle Scout projects when called upon.There is no way a Boy Scout Troop can meaningfully and

††††††††† positively contribute toward the development of a Scoutís character without substantial interest and participation

††††††††† from the parent.


4.†††††† Fees & Dues.


††††††††† A.†††† Boy Scouting Joining Fees:


†††††††††††††††††† Boy Scout Registration Fee:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $†† 7.00

†††††††††††††††††† Adult Registration Fee:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $†† 7.00††††††

†††††††††††††††††† Boys Life Scout Magazine Per Year:††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 10.00


††††††††† B.††† Troop Dues.


Troop dues are due in the amount of $ 20.00 per month for the first Scout in a family, $ 15.00 for the Second Scout and $ 10.00 for each additional Scout from the same family.Troop dues are due at the first meeting of each month.These monies are used to fund the week to week operation of the Troop by paying for awards earned by our Scouts, covering the cost of program supplies and are used to help supplement the cost of Troop camp outs andactivities.Dues are to be paid by all Scout members of Boy Scout Troop 1185.Dues must be paid even if a Scout is absent.If a Scout is behind on his dues, he will not be allowed to attend the next Troop campout or be presented with any awards he has earned.


††††††††† C.††††† Camp Fees.


†††††††††††††††††† Camp fees are designed to cover the cost of the Troopís camping trips.ALL members of Boy Scout Troop

†††††††††††††††††† 1185 must pay camp fees to attend camp outs.This includes adult leaders as well as the Scouts.Camp

†††††††††††††††††† fees cover the cost of food, transportation, site fees, tolls, admissions, etc.A Scout not paying his fees

†††††††††††††††††† by the designated due date will not be allowed to attend the campout.Paying camp fees on time is

†††††††††††††††††† necessary to allow for the Troop to purchase food and supplies as needed prior to leaving on a trip.


D.      Late Fees.


Late fees are in effect for payments due the Troop in the following amounts:


††††††††† Late Dues:†††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††† $†† 5.00

††††††††† Late Camp Out Fees:†††††††††††††††††† $ 10.00


These late fees are due upon payment of the late amount. There will be no exceptions to this rule except by a majority vote of the Troop Committee.


5.†††††† Attendance.


Any Boy Scout who is absent from Troop 1185 for three (3) or more consecutive Troop Meetings without a valid excuse, accompanied with a phone call from his parents to his designated Leader, is subject to being placed on the Troop inactive member roster.In order to be placed back on active status, a parent must accompany the †††† Scout to a Troop Meeting and discuss the absence with the Scoutmaster.If a Boy Scout is going to be absent from a Troop activity, a courtesy call from a parent/guardian letting the Troop know of the absence is expected.A Perfect Attendance Medal will be presented to those Scouts who have perfect attendance during the entire ††††††† Scouting Year.In order to receive this award a Scout must have no more than two excused absences.Excused absences are those which a parent/guardian has called an adult leader in the Troop to inform the Troop that their Scout will be absent.


5.†††††† Uniforms.


††††††††† All Scouts are required to wear and maintain a complete Boy Scout uniform as outlined by the requirements of

††††††††† Boy Scout Troop 1185.This is to include a clean uniform shirt with all required patches sewn on properly, a

††††††††† pair of dark green pants, a Boy Scout hat, Troop neckerchief, Troop neckerchief slide, merit badge sash, belt,

††††††††† dress shoes (For dress wear), handbook, notebook and other items as specified by Troop Leadership.A complete

††††††††† and proper uniform is mandatory in Boy Scout Troop 1185.



6.†††††† Scout Advancement.


††††††††† All Boy Scouts in Troop 1185 are expected to aggressively pursue the rank of Eagle Scout.This means that a

††††††††† Scout must be completing all merit badge requirements and rank requirements in an consistent and meaningful

††††††††† manner.The program design for Troop 1185 insures that every Scout putting forth an effort will reach the rank

††††††††† of Eagle Scout.Scouts who wish to attend only to play each week will be asked to stay home.



7.†††††† Scout Rules and Enforcement.


All Scout members of Boy Scout Troop 1185 are subject to the Troop rules of appearance and conduct as outlined by the youth leaders of our Troop.These rules cover everything from conduct at meetings to proper uniform ††††††† wear.A system of demerits will be used to enforce these rules.Scouts receiving to many demerits in a given ††† period will not be allowed to attend the next camp out or Troop activity.Since Boy Scout Troops are a Scout run organization, this system of enforcement will be backed by the adult Leaders of Troop 1185.









The Troop Committee, consisting of adults 18 years of age and older, will establish the policies and perform the administrative duties of the Troop.The Troop committee will be formed of the following various positions.




Presides over all Committee meetings, sets up the committees as are needed to benefit the Troop.To oversee the selection and enlistment of a Troop Scoutmaster and all additional adult members as required for the proper functioning of Boy Scout Troop 1185.Chairman is appointed by the chartering organization.In the absence of the Chairman, the Committee elects a new Chairman and presents that person to the Chartering Organization.Chairman is to enforce and review the By-Laws of Boy Scout Troop 1185 as required.




Responsible for all Troop expenditures and income.Will be required to maintain a monthly financial report for presentation to the Troop at Committee Meetings.At which time a copy will be submitted for entry into the Troop Minute book after approval.A copy of the monthly report will be provided to each Scout parent.A annual report must be completed at the end of the Scouting year.Treasurer will also be responsible for the maintaining of the Troop checking account and financial files as required by Troop 1185.If requested, the Treasurer must be willing to be bonded in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan.




Required to take the minutes at all Troop adult meetings, both leadership and committee.Responsible for the handling of all Troop correspondence, in coming and outgoing.Assists the Cubmaster in the securing of donations, reservations, and any other administrative needs that the Troop may have.




Responsible for the tracking and recording of individual Scout advancement.Also for securing and preparation of all awards needed for Honor Courts and special ceremonies.Also, must keep the Scoutmaster informed as to who is eligible for advancement and who is falling behind.




Must be willing to assist on whatever committees are needed to help the Troop obtain itís stated goals.This can range from helping with activity planning, transportation, fund raising, etc.Must also be willing to assist other Pack Leaders when necessary.All Committee members are required to be present at troop Committee meetings.









The Leadership of Troop 1185 must be of at least 18 years of age, been approved by the Troop Chairman and be willing to work directly with the Scouts.




Must be 21 years of age and of outstanding character, approved by the Troop Chairman and the Chartering organization.Responsible for the conduct of the Boy Scout Troop 1185 and insure a safe and worth while program for the Scouts.Responsible for the recruiting of new Scouts and Leaders.Must maintain an active camping program and have the Troop advancing on the trail to Eagle.




Must be 21 years of age.Selected by the Scoutmaster and approved by the Troop Chairman.Functions as the Troopís Scoutmaster in the absence of the Scoutmaster and shares many on the duties of the Troop Scoutmaster.




Must be 18 years of age or older.Responsible for the welfare and training of the Scoutís in Leaders assigned patrol.Helps carry out the Troop goals at the Scout level.Willing to be responsible directly to the Scoutís needs and well as work with Scoutmaster in the carrying out of the Boy Scout Program.







1.†††††† Troop Meetings.


††††††††† Troop meetings will be held each Tuesday Night from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.All Leader will arrive at 6:30 PM

††††††††† and Scouts are to arrive no later than 6:50 PM.The Troop shall hold a minimum of three Troop meetings per

††††††††† month for the period of the Scouting year.


2.†††††† Courts of Honor.


††††††††† Courts of Honor for the presentation of Scout Awards and Ranks shall be held at a minimum of twice per year.

††††††††† It is requested that all Scout parents/guardians attend these function since the Court of Honor is when the Scout

††††††††† receives the awards he has worked so hard to earn.It is asked that parents arrive a little early and remain after

††††††††† Honor Courts to help with the set up and take down of the hall.


3.†††††† Alcoholic Beverages.


††††††††† Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted at any Scout function under any circumstances.There can not and will

††††††††† not be any exceptions to this rule.


4.†††††† Committee Meetings.


††††††††† Meetings will he held according to a schedule set by the Troop Committee at the first meeting of the Committee

††††††††† for the Scouting Year.It will be at these meeting that the Troop Committee will asses the Troopís progress in

††††††††† the meeting of the Troopís Scouting Goals.The Troop committee meeting shall be attended by no less that the

††††††††† Scoutmaster of the Troop.Parents are encouraged to come to these meetings and discuss the Troop program.

††††††††† During all Committee meetings Parliamentary Procedures will be followed.The meetings will be held by and

††††††††† directed by the Troop Committee Chairman.


5.†††††† Leaders Meeting.


††††††††† Meetings will be held according to a schedule set by the Scoutmaster at the beginning of the Scouting year.The

††††††††† meetings can be held in conjunction with the Committee meeting as long as members of the Troop Committee

††††††††† are in agreement.In addition the Troop will hold Junior Leaders meetings at least on a schedule of every other

††††††††† month.The primary purpose of these meetings will be to insure that the Scouts of this Troop are enjoying a

††††††††† high quality program.Parents are invited to attend these meetings.








Parents of the Boy Scouts are expected to participate in the Scouting program with their son in at least the following ways.


1.†††††† Work with their son towards requirements for merit badges and rank badges as required.


2.†††††† Insure that their Scout arrives on time and in proper uniform for his Troop meetings.And insure that their

††††††††† Scout is picked up on time after his meetings.


3.†††††† Attend all Troop functions that are designed to involve family members as well at the Scout. (Honor Courts, etc.)


4.†††††† Assume responsibility for the actions of their Scout at all Scout activities.


5.†††††† Encourage your Scout to attain the rank that corresponds to his time in Scouting.Show a continued interest

††††††††† in his progress in Scouting.


6.†††††† Discourage their son from quitting when the going gets tough.Everyone has a tough task to face in life now

††††††††† and then.Quitting is not the answer.


7.†††††† Take pride in what your son does in Scouting.He works hard in Troop 1185 for the awards he receives.Awards

††††††††† mean even more to a Scout when you are proud of him.








Boy Scout Troop 1185 will cooperate with other organizations in our community in civic activities such as Parades, Safety or Ecological Programs, and Service Projects to our sponsoring institution.Or any community related activity that is decided by the Troop Leadership to be of benefit to others.One of the main themes of Boy Scouting is service to others, and at Troop 1185 we will maintain that obligation to the highest level of our ability.








Troop fund raisers are held to generate funds to help fund those costs in excess of those covered by a Scouts monthly dues.Such as equipment repair and replacement, camp site deposits, cabin deposits,etc.




Fund raising participation is MANDATORY!Any Scout not participating in a scheduled fundraiser will owe the Troop the amount of $ 40.00 per fund raiser missed.A Scout who willingly avoids fund raising will not be able to camp or attend Troop meetings until his $ 40.00 is paid.A true family emergency will excuse a Scout from a given fundraiser.A Scout must sell the targeted minimum in a fundraiser or provide the Troop with the difference.Scouts may opt to pay Troop 1185 $ 40.00 in lieu of fund raising.








Upon determination that a adult member of Troop 1185 is not adequately bearing his or her responsibilities in Troop 1185 the following procedure will be followed for the elimination of that Leader.


††††††††† 1.†††††† Any Leader or Committee member not full filling his or her duties will be notified by the Committee ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Chairman in writing.


††††††††† 2.†††††† All Committee Members, Leaders, and Sponsoring Institution Representative will be notified.


††††††††† 3.†††††† The next Committee meeting the situation will be reviewed and voted on for resolution.


††††††††† 4.†††††† Member in question has a right to plead their case, but no right to vote.


††††††††† 5.†††††† A 2/3 Adult membership vote will bare the vote and the decision will be final.








Any of the By-Laws contained herein are subject to change only in the following manner.


1.†††††† A meeting is to be called with all of the Adult Registered Troop Leaders.†† All Leaders are to be informed of

††††††††† the date and time, no less that 30 days prior to the meeting.All members must be aware that at this meeting

††††††††† a change in the By-Laws is on the agenda.


2.†††††† The Committee Chairman and Scoutmaster must be present.


3.†††††† Changes, deletions, or additions must be preceded by sufficient discussion to be reasonably assured that the

††††††††† final decision will be unbiased and in conformity with a true Scouting spirit.


4.†††††† A majority vote of registered Troop 1185 adult members is required to enact any change to these By-Laws.